About Us


Our Story

Our highly qualified team and satisfied customers with our professional works is our identity.

Coman construction is a building construction company operating in London with our professional and experienced team for years. Our happy and satisfied customers are our strength. Our expertise is in Loft conversion, extensions, refurbishment, roofing, plumbing, interior design, flooring, etc. From giving consultation to the implementation of projects, we monitor every project individually. By giving the top priority to customers our well qualified and professional team fulfills all the demands of the customers. Other services such as electrical work, carpentry, tilling, fiberglass GRP installation, plastering, painting, etc are also performed by our experienced and well-qualified team. The positive experience of our happy and satisfied customers makes assurance that you get a trustworthy team that will work for your project.

Our Working Process

We work with a effective and precise way to achieve the required goal of yours.


we discuss your requirements and understand what kind of work you need. We will provide you complete information with a comprehensive quotation related to the projects.


In this process, we propose the best idea for customers. Our project manager ensures the professional work and makes sure that work will be completed before the deadline.


Our project manager allocates all the resources from our trusted partners to complete your project before the deadline with no extra charge. Our well qualified and experienced team delivers you high standard work at minimum cost.


In this process we inspect the property with detailed inspection of the project, we assure that all materials and procedures comply with the plan and specifications.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry‚Äč

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